Ok...this is a brief bio of me, Becky Brine, singer, musician, compere and all round nutbucket.
I studied theatre and performance in Bristol and at Dartington College of Arts. Appeared in a couple of Musicals at the New Vic Theatre...Godspel & Little Shop of Horrors... then became a professional singer in 2002.
I fell into Jazz and Blues whilst running away from a Kylie Minogue song at a holiday camp and haven’t looked back since...in case I trip over something else.

Over the last few years, I’ve built up a huge repertoire of tunes from Jazz Standards to Blues & Boogie and Soul, an equally huge wardrobe of frocks, gloves and hats and a ukulele habit.
I play guitar, ukulele, bass and kazoo, sometimes all at the time....honestly.
I’ve gigged in all sorts of venues....on a train, Glastonbury Festival, a grounded narrow boat, the RAC Club, a pavement, various pubs and clubs, Birmingham International Jazz & Blues Festival, in a dining room, Port Eliot Festival, in a Dingly Dell in the middle of a Cycle track at midnight...IN A FROCK!! Lots of weddings.... one funeral and no Bar mitzvahs.
Due to my extraordinary ability to chatter, sometimes without pausing for breath, I have found myself performing the role of compere...or should that be co-mere... at various events. A role I thoroughly enjoy.
One thing will always tie my performances together, be they musical or spoken word....my bad cheese jokes and my cheesy bad jokes..

Nuff said.

I’ve released three albums;
‘Jazz Flavoured Coffee Break’, featuring standards such as Them There Eyes and They Can’t Take That Away and covers of Nina Simone’s My Baby and Feeling Good.

‘Almost’ a mix of Blues, such as Janis Joplin’s Kozmic Blues and Cole Porter tunes, It Was Just One of Those Things’ and ‘Love for Sale’ Also featuring some amazing musicians, Vince Lee, Craig Milverton and Al Swainger to name a few.


‘Girl in a Bag’ an album of original songs, inspired by allsorts, not the liquorice ones, and an eclectic mix of folkypoppyjazzzyblueness

Check out the other pages to see what I’m up to now....

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